Frequently Asked Questions

What is This Is My Derry?
A collection of local small businesses coming together to sponsor free events in Derry.


How much do events cost?
Event admission is FREE with a receipt from any sponsoring business with a purchase during the desinated week prior to the event.


Where can I find the sponsoring business for an event?
All sponsors are listed on the event posters (on display in each business) and listed on our Facebook page,


How many receipts do I need?
One receipt = one movie ticket/free admission.  Receipts must be obtained during the times designated by the event.  For example, The December 19, 2015 Polar Express event requires a receipt from a sponsoring business purchased between Dec 13 and Dec 19th.


Can I get in without a receipt?
While we do have tickets available at the door for purchase, the premise behind this group is to support the sponsoring small businesses in town with a purchase from those businesses duing the desingated week prior to the event.


How do I sponsor?
Please contact us at for sponsorship details.  Sponsorship is typically $100 per event.


Where can I find more information and stay up-to-date on events?